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antagonist writing prompts from the-modern-typewriter (an awesome tumblr that I definitely recommend)
This is one of the-modern-typewriter prompts, please give credit to those who write and create these prompts/stories/pieces of art and so on.
Villian prompt -- Writing prompt < < < < < i get that they're a villain but what is with all these abusive as shit prompts?
Villain writing prompts.
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There are still some writers and creators who don't use modern word processors for writing their stuff. As I mentioned before, Woody Allen is one of them.
Shine A Light – A Short Story – Part 1
Winter is over, Summer let's go. Modern-typewriter over the ...
The Story of My Typewriter: Paul Auster, Sam Messer: 9781891024320: Amazon.com: Books
Nakajima WPT-150 Electronic Typewriter
The Story of My Typewriter: Paul Auster, Sam Messer: 9781891024320: Amazon.com: Books
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The Hidden World of the Typewriter
The Man with the Golden Typewriter: Ian Fleming's James Bond Letters: Ian Fleming, Fergus Fleming, Julian Rhind-Tutt: 9781511392969: Amazon.com: Books
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I've shared tables on artist alleys and wandered through the party amoebas or woods throbbing to psytrance at 3am for well ...
Lastly, it's important to note that to truly appreciate the satisfaction of employing a typewriter, you must be operating a well maintained machine.
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Chasers Of The Light: Poems From The Typewriter Series by Tyler Knott Gregson ...
The Story of My Typewriter: Paul Auster, Sam Messer: 9781891024320: Amazon.com: Books
Typewriter: A Celebration of the Ultimate Writing Machine: Paul Robert, Peter Weil: 9781454920786: Amazon.com: Books
He probably didn't want his wife to use it. I think she was a big spender! You never know what you're gonna find.”
5 Typewriter. Hope you enjoyed the story ...
One of the perks from "The Electric" level of ...
“Art is not a thing — it is a way,” Elbert Hubbard observed in 1908 in what became one of history's finest definitions of art. Hubbard was writing at the ...
The Typewriter Girl
Here's How Hugh Howey (Bestselling Author of Wool) Writes
Digital Deco Typewriter - Glass Coat
Disassembled parts of an Adler Favorit mechanical typewriter
Type Your Own Message Typewriter Print
Personal writing is very engaging and with each story and each new encounter, you have to engage in the most evident way. Everyone has a story to tell and ...
Peter Mitterhofer's typewriter prototype (1864)
The typewriter is undoubtedly one of the most important inventions in human history. It was first envisioned in 1714 as a means of recording important ...
I won't say "museum," because these machines work around here,
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Classica - Hatched Typewriter Font
10 of the Best Student Blogs for Millennial Life main image
Underwood portable
Typewriter Art: A Modern Anthology. Creative inspiration ...
The Origin of QWERTY
Personalised My Words Print Typewriter Style
Rediscovering the Lost Art of the Typewriter
... Meteor 12 ...
Underwood no 5
Through The Eyes Of Others…
L C Smith #8
The art of brand storytelling: What's your corporate story?
Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, 1934 Smith Corona Sterling: This is their home typewriter, from their house in San Francisco. (James Joiner)
In the most of the early typewriters, the typist couldn't see the text as it was typed. The type hammers struck upwards against the paper, pressed against ...
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Heading: Touching & Inspiring Eulogies
George Bernard Shaw, Remington Noiseless 7x: Shaw acquired this 1934 Remington Noiseless later in career, and only wrote five of his 63 plays after that ...
First choose a printing method ?
Catalina Typewriter
Just like the Woodstock, it was love at first sight. It was perfectly sized, not too heavy and it had a carrying case! After getting over the initial ...
From left to right: A Smith Corona Sterling, Smith Corona Silent Four Bank,
Prop from The Way We Were, 1939 Corona Standard: This 1939 Corona Standard is a prop from the 1973 Academy Award-winning movie The Way We Were, ...
Personalised Typewriter Pop Up Card
A vintage typewriter in the Center for Reading and Writing at SUNY Adirondack inspired future novelists
An advert from the 1940s showing a woman perched on a desk with a typewriter on
Jons and Woz
Big Bang Festival 2
Common grammar and writing mistakes
The Things They Carried book cover with author name and book title with a blurred image
The app offers an on-screen keyboard or pairs with your Bluetooth keyboard so you can pretend you're not typing on plastic-y keys.
150 years of history, a life-long obsession, three years in the making, 900 images, 336 pages and—at long last!—The Typewriter is at the printer.
Everyone Has a Story typed words on a old vintage typewriter. Close up
Linguistic technology in China has evolved from early woodblock printing-based moveable type, to the kind of predictive text seen in twenty-first century ...
Portable Manual Typewriter
Think about some of the changes reflected by this typewriter, manufactured by E. Remington & Sons around 1875. It tells a story of innovations in technology ...