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Portrait of Katherine Parr Queen of England 15121548This
Portrait of Katherine Parr, Queen of England (1512-1548)-This portrait portrays Katherine towards the end of her life. It is ironic that so few portraits of ...
1540s - Queen Catherine Parr National Portrait Gallery Catherine Parr, Anne Of Cleves, Anne
Our first cousin, Catherine Howard (c. 1518–1524), Queen of
Anne Stanhope, Duchess if Somerset
Katherine Parr by an unknown artist Born: 1512 Married to King Henry VIII: 12 July 1543 Queen's Closet, Hampton Court Palace Widowed: 28 January 1547 Died: ...
Catherine of Aragon by English School King Henry Viii, Wives Of Henry Viii, Tudor
Jane Seymour, 1536 (oil on panel) Seymour Queen Consort of England; third wife of Henry VIII mother of Edward VI Holbein the Younger, ...
Queen Katherine Parr: “The Jersey Portrait”. The portrait known as “The Jersey Portrait,” was once thought to depict Lady Jane Grey.
Holbein, Hans (II) - Portrait of a lady, probably of the Cromwell Family formerly known as Catherine Howard
1515 Mary Tudor closeup from portrait with Henry Brandon attributed to Jan Mabuse (Woburn Abbey - Woburn, Bedfordshire UK)
Royal Pets - Bridgeman art images & historical footage for licensing
Ana de Mendoza, born in 1540, was a contemporary of Elizabeth I. As
National Portrait Gallery, London Mary, Queen of Scots by Unknown artist oil on panel, circa 9 in. mm x 191 mm) Purchased, 1916 NPG 1766
The Nine Day Queen: Lady Jane Dudley (née Grey) The Streatham Portrait of Lady Jane Grey.
Sybille of Cleves, sister of Anne of Cleves.... Maybe Henry would
1579 Lady thought to be Dorothy Bray, Baroness Chandos by John Bettes the Younger (
Ann Boleyn who was the lady in waiting that the King fell in love with while
Catherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII Cousin
Anonymous, 16th century Queen Elizabeth I of England. Collection Gioviana. Location:Uffizi, Florence, Italy
Margaret-Roper, daughter of Sir Thomas More
Originally called Katharine Parr, now re identified as Catherine of Aragon, painting at Lambeth Palace
Agnolo Bronzino - Portrait of a Lady in Green, c.1528-32,
Sandro Botticelli Museum: Portrait of Margaret Wyatt, Lady Lee ... Hans Holbein
Elizabeth Tudor, or Elizabeth I, was the most famous Queen of England. She led England without a husband and is widely regarded as one of the best rulers in ...
Portrait of Catherine Parr, sixth queen of Henry VIII. English or French fashion of the trumpet-sleeved "French" or "Tudor dress", worn over a farthingale ...
Portrait of Lady Anne Clifford Countess of Dorset, Later Countess of Pembroke and Montgomery.
Edward VI, King of England (Jane Seymour's boy)
Queen Mary I of England: Portrait Mary I Of England, Queen Of England,
Jane Seymour by Hans Holbein King Henry Viii, Wives Of Henry Viii, Tudor History
Head of a Young Girl, Circle of Francois Clouet (1510-1572).
Queen Charlotte (was married to King George III. They had 15 children.) by Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland circa
Jan Gossaert, Queen Eleanor, Catherine Of Aragon, Tudor Fashion, Joanna Of Castile
The Northwick Park Portrait which has swung between identification as Lady Jane Grey and Queen Katherine Parr (as have several others).
Queen Anne de Cleves of England, née Anna von Jülich-Kleve-Berg of The Dukes of Kleve
Eleanor Brandon, daughter of Princess Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Mother of the ill-fated Lady Jane Grey.
Fontainebleau School, 16th Century A LADY AS CLEOPATRA inscribed on the reverse of the panel: M.F. LA DVCHESSE DE LONGVEVILLE
Edward VI, Henry VIII's only son by Jane Seymour.
Portrait of Henry V English School, Early Century
Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I of England (? I don't recognize this as
Portrait of King Charles I (1600-49), by William Dobson Uk History
ENGLISH SCHOOL MID-C16TH, Portrait of Elizabeth Woodville (c.1437-1492
The Coronation Portrait, c. 1600. Copy of 1559 lost original. Artist Unknown
Catherine de' Medici Queen of France after Clouet Catherine was the daughter of Lorenzo de' Medici, duke of.
Edward VI (oil on panel), English School, (16th century) / Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire, UK / National Trust Photographic Library/Derrick E. Witty /
Jane Seymour, Queen of England, Copy of Holbein Original by lisby1, via Flickr
Portrait of Queen Catherine of Braganza (1638-1705), by Studio of Sir
Portrait of Catherine Parr, sixth queen of Henry VIII. English or French fashion of the trumpet-sleeved "French" or "Tudor dress", worn over a farthingale ...
Jane Seymour (c.1508-1537) Daughter of John Seymour and Margery Wentworth
portrait of Catherine Parr, queen of England, last and surviving wife of Henry VIII. - detail with the billiments on a french hood
Queen Katherine of Aragon, Henry the VIII first wife Mother of Mary
Художник Thomas Smith (active C) Lady Elizabeth Pope, née Blount (Trinity College, University of Oxford - Oxford, Oxfordshire UK)
When Henry VIII was on a campaign in France he made Catherine Of Aragon regent. The Scots then invaded England and Catherine addressed the army, ...
Elizabeth of York, Queen of England, Mother of Henry VIII
Updated: Elizabeth Harding (or Harden) was the daughter of a court musician named
Portrait of a Lady said to be Queen Katherine Parr, sixth wife to Henry VIII. Portrait by Ambrosius Benson
H0027-L124770725.jpg 693×888 pixels
John of Gaunt Duke of Lancaster, son of King Edward lll of England. Husband of Katherine Swynford and father of Joan Beaufort. Joan married Sir Ralph Nevill ...
Joely Richardson as Catherine Parr in "The Tudors"
Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn. also one of King Henry VIII's mistresses and maternal aunt of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Daughter of Lady Elizabeth ...
Mary Tudor of England - French Hood Images - Tudor Research
A detail of a portrait of Queen Mary I of England, by an unknown artist
Detail of Portrait of an Unknown Lady - French Hood Images - Tudor Research - www
ATTRIBUTED TO GEORGE GOWER (d.1596), Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I,
Sir Thomas More 1527 - Hans Il Giovane Holbein - oil painting ... Carl
A 16th century portrait, possibly of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots; Margaret was
The Rainbow Portrait. - "The Rainbow Portrait", Attr. to Isaac Oliver.
Some inspiration for my tudor gown: Jane Seymour, third and favorite wife of Henry
Princess Mary Tudor, Queen of France, daughter of Henry VII of England Considered to be the most beautiful Princess in Europe, Erasmus said of her that " ...
Portrait of Queen Anne (1665-1714), by Edmond Lilly Queen Anne,
Agnolo Bronzino, Portrait of Maria de Medici, daughter of Cosimo I de Medici, 1551 1551
1565 Official portrait of Mary, Queen of Scots (Blairs Museum, The Museum of Scotland's Catholic Heritage - Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire UK)
Birthday wishes to our Philip de László (1869-1937) portrait of Queen Victoria
A Renascença e a Moda Alternativa Jane Seymour, Rey Enrique Viii, Henri Viii, Elizabeth
Image result for catherine howard painting
The Princess Mary Tudor, at about the age of nine, daughter of Henry VIII. and his Queen Catherine of Aragon. She would rule as Mary I. after the death of ...
Portrait of Prince George of Denmark, by Michael Dahl (1659-1743) Stuart
The Boyln Inheritance Henri Viii, Queen Eleanor, Katherine Howard, Wives Of Henry Viii
Lady Kytson by George Gower, 1573 England, Tate Britain “ Elizabeth Cornwallis, Lady Kytson married Sir Thomas Kytson of Hengrave Hall in Suffolk in Of ...
Children of Anne Boleyn, Marchioness of Pembroke and Henry VIII Tudor, King of England - Elizabeth I Tudor, Queen of England b. 7 Sep d. 24 Mar Henry Tudor, ...
Albrecht Dürer (German artist, 21 May 1471 - 6 April - Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman Oil on elm panel, cm.
Variation of the Plimpton Elizabeth I. Sieve Portrait, this one by or after Gower
A portrait of King Edward IV of England, the father of Elizabeth of York.
Margaret of Anjou 1429 - 1482 - Queen consort to King Henry VI, and key player…
Catherine Parr, attributed to Master John, circa Detail of National Portrait Gallery: NPG 4451
Lady Jane Grey, engraving published 1620, possibly based on an earlier painting Lady Jane
Elizabeth (Stoner) Lady Hoby, by Hans Holbein the Younger. Lady to Queen Katherine Parr.
Queen Katherine Howard, 5th wife of King Henry VIII. Beheaded February 13, 1542
Portrait of King Carl XII of Sweden (1682-1718), c.1714
1533 Bernardino Licinio Portrait of a Lady
Katherine of Aragon. She always stuck to her principles, no matter the price.
Agnolo Bronzino - Renaissance Portraits of Women - Lucrezia di Cosimo,
Mary Tudor funeral effigy Mary I Of England, Queen Of England, Tudor History,
Portrait of Anna Boleyn, by unknown English master, 1530-36, National Portrait
Gainsborough - Prince Edward, 1782.jpg King George I, King William Iv,
Carreras Cigarettes "Kings & Queens of England" (series of 50 issued in Catherine Parr # sixth wife of Henry VIII. Henry was her third husband and when he ...
Portrait of a Lady as Evelina by John Hoppner 18th Century, Frances Burney, Woman
On 10 July 1553 Lady Jane Grey, grand-daughter of Mary Tudor & Charles
This is the English hood that was worn as a headdress by women in the Northern
by a folower of Robert Peake 1551-1619 Portrait of a lady 16th Century,